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B2B Sales Careers

We want you to learn as much about our company and our B2B Sales Careers as you can to determine if these opportunities with Convergys will be a fit for you.

About Convergys

Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) is a global leader in customer management. Convergys Business-to-Business (B2B) provides expanded sales options to our clients' business customers, including inside sales and account management, marketing campaigns, customer service, and self-service. We provide solutions that drive more value from the relationships our clients have with their customers in a variety of ways. For example, we may provide sales coverage for underserved and new markets introducing new products or services during a short term campaign, or build relationships with long tenured customers to ensure ongoing replenishment of products and/or services.

Our B2B Sales Careers

Our B2B Sales Careers offer opportunities at various levels of experience or expertise and many ways to help you grow your career. As part of our corporate responsibility we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We offer extensive training opportunities and strive to create a positive workplace that empowers our people and provides outstanding results for our clients.

Verticals served by Convergys B2B include:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail/Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Financial
  • Communications
  • Technology

How our B2B Sales Careers Deliver Value

Through our B2B opportunities, you'll deliver exceptional service, value, and increased sales to not only our company as a whole, but also to our clients' professional business customers by:

  • Boosting sales by optimizing selling opportunities of current and/or new products
  • Growing business with new or existing customers or within underserved markets
  • Strategically partnering to support end-user needs such as merchandising/advertising funds and category management
  • Filling gaps in our clients' sales force
  • Strengthening relationships with customers and accounts
  • Improving visibility into and motivating customer account performance
  • Increasing awareness of product/service performance and new promotions
  • Enhancing communications with customer accounts
  • Performing a wide variety of sales and support functions among many other exciting responsibilities

Training Process

Instead of throwing you into a position to "learn the ropes" yourself, our goal is to provide you with the training you need to ensure your success.

Program specific training:

  • Extensive and paid!
  • Full attendance is important to ensuring your success
  • We offer an optimal mix of classroom and on-the-job training
  • We employ a variety of training methods and mediums, such as virtual and e-learning resources
  • You'll learn and build the skills necessary to appropriately perform the responsibilities of your role
  • As our clients' business needs are in constant motion, we'll continually train you on important changes or updates throughout your employment
  • You'll reap the benefits of our continual drive to constantly improve upon and update our training content, mediums, and processes

As part of our goal to help you learn about Convergys and our B2B Sales opportunities, we want you to have a full and clear understanding of what our B2B Sales Careers do and what you would do in these roles:

B2B Roles and Functions

Convergys B2B opportunities are some of the most complex and enjoyable roles within the company and typically fall within the following categories:

B2B Inside Sales Roles

If you have a passion and drive for sales, these roles are for you. Our inside sales positions will drive increased sales to continuously add value by building relationships with existing and/or prospective professional customer accounts.

Sales & Service Roles

Interface with customers to identify opportunities for promoting products or services and recommending solutions. Selling is the primary function of these roles, along with providing exceptional customer service. Goals/quotas will be assigned as designated by clients. May place outbound calls to perform sales, identify customer needs, and follow up on sales activity. May receive inbound customer service or sales calls. Although customer relations are a component, maintaining on-going relationships is not an aspect of Sales and Service roles. Based on level of position, various levels of knowledge are required (limited to extensive) about the organization, products and/or services. All level roles will require varying degrees of computer use and the ability to navigate computer systems or other relevant applications.

Sales & Technical Support Roles

Interface with customers to resolve technical inquiries, identify opportunities for promoting technical products or services, and recommend solutions. Selling is the primary function of these roles, along with providing exceptional customer service in resolving technical issues. Sales representatives are responsible for completing sales of basic to complex technical products and/or services. Goals, quotas, and metrics will be assigned as designated by the client. Inquiries often require advanced troubleshooting and varying degrees of specialized technical knowledge. Maintain in-depth and broad knowledge of client products and services, procedures, pricing, and promotions. Problem resolution may require follow up contact or escalation to a higher level of expertise. All level roles will require strong computer knowledge and skills for use in navigating various applications and troubleshooting.

Full Account Management Roles

Interface with clients' professional business customers to perform a variety of sales activities based on level of position, assigned accounts, and channel of business (or client requirements). This could involve sales to existing client business customers, prospecting for new business, contract sales, or funds management. Express a willingness to assist account contacts and probe for information by asking open-ended questions to determine a complete understanding of the customer's needs. Act as a main point of contact for assigned accounts, providing customer service in response to account inquiries, problem resolution, and troubleshooting. Build, cultivate, and maintain ongoing professional customer relationships. Individual annual sales goals can vary by channel of business and tier, and are set in conjunction with the client. As part of a tea,; each representative must contribute to team goals by achieving daily quotas/metrics set by management while adhering to client deadlines.

Account Management Sales Roles

Interface with account contacts for purpose of selling and maintaining products and/or services and acting as a main point of contact for all account inquiries. Perform pre-call planning and preparation, which includes research data analysis and in-depth review of account information. Function as an inside sales representative in managing the sales process and selling to assigned accounts. Assess customer account needs and concerns, while resolving general customer issues. Utilize a variety of tools to develop and present a solution sale. Make customized recommendations that incorporate needs discovered and created through probing, then seek a sales opportunity based upon gathered information. Exhaust assigned book of business on a quarterly basis while meeting monthly/quarterly/annual target numbers. Navigate through multiple systems to access necessary account information while staying on-task and maintaining a conversation with the customer. Typically requires sales volume forecasting, planning, negotiation, innovation, and problem solving skills to attain goal achievement. The sales process is typically more complex and sales tend to have a longer lifecycle involving multiple contacts with accounts in closing sales/deals.

Account Management Sales Support Roles

Please see below under B2B Sales Service & Support Roles

B2B Sales Service & Support Roles

If sales isn't for you, we have a variety of opportunities on our B2B Sales programs that offer support for the sales process by supplying professional customer accounts with exceptional service and support.

Service & Problem Resolution Roles

Interface with customers to resolve problems with products and/or services. Customer service is the primary function of these roles. Problem resolution will involve appeasing customer dissatisfaction, handling a variety of call types, and delivering the necessary results to remedy or escalate the questions or requests of the customer. Responsible for documenting all details of customer contact, type of information requested, and response provided to customer. Requires various levels of knowledge (limited to extensive) about the organization, products and/or services based on level of position. All level roles will require varying degrees of computer use and the ability to navigate computer systems or other relevant applications.

Account Technical Support Roles

(Similar to the above Sales & Technical Support roles, yet without the selling or sales responsibilities/goals)

Interface with customers to resolve technical inquiries, troubleshoot, and recommend solutions to customers. Technical support and troubleshooting are the primary functions of these roles, along with providing exceptional customer service in resolving technical issues. Goals, quotas, and metrics will be assigned as designated by the client. Inquiries often require advanced troubleshooting and varying degrees of specialized technical knowledge. Maintain in-depth and broad knowledge of client products and services, procedures, pricing, and promotions. Problem resolution may require follow up contact or escalation to a higher level of expertise. All level roles will require strong computer knowledge and skills for use in navigating various applications and troubleshooting.

Account Management Sales Support Roles

Primary function of this role is to support sales efforts. Develop and maintain professional business relationships with assigned accounts. Create and maintain product distribution lists, customer specific forms, and fulfillment data. Provide basic telephone sales support services and customer support of specific requests. May require extensive work on Excel/Word/PDF documents, additional research, and manual data entry input. Update and maintain accurate account information and associated forms or processes/procedures.

Now that you've had a chance to learn about our B2B Sales Careers and what you would do in those roles, let us give you an opportunity to understand what you can become and how you can grow your career with Convergys.

To help you reach the potential of what your career can become with Convergys B2B Sales programs, we've created an environment that attracts, develops, and rewards the best, dynamic, and successful people like you.

At Convergys, we believe in our people. We recognize that individual differences produce genuine competitive advantages in our global market. Leveraging the diversity of our workforce maximizes our productivity and enhances the quality of service we offer all of our clients. This is what allows us to ensure our spot as a global leader in customer management.

Career development is a main focus and initiative with our B2B Sales programs and we'll provide you with the mentoring, coaching, tools and/or resources to help you accomplish your career goals no matter the career path you choose.

Resources Available

  • Tuition Reimbursement — Employees who are eligible and seek further education at any accredited institution have options for tuition reimbursement for related expenses.
  • Continuing Education — Our main focus is to help you learn so you can be successful. We have an extensive library of skills training resources to provide our employees with options for developing current skills or learning new ones.
  • Career Development Training — We've made a commitment to supporting career progress and the ability to move employees into new and challenging responsibilities and positions as an outcome of their personal development. In addition to our education and learning library, Convergys has partnered with National and local site specific higher education/learning institutions. Our partnerships provide the opportunity for Convergys B2B leadership to aid in developing courses or programs geared specifically towards Sales skills and learning.

Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

As a member of the B2B organization, you will be given the necessary training to be successful, along with ongoing development which creates opportunities to move from Sales into other roles within the company. Your management will spend time with you to develop a career path and provide the coaching and resources you need to achieve your goals. You'll be paired with a successful, tenured B2B peer to learn their techniques and to help develop your knowledge and capabilities. You'll also receive ongoing feedback from your supervisor, where the focus is on the conversations you have with your customers, and you'll receive suggestions to heighten your performance. You will be empowered, enabled, and supported as a Convergys B2B salesperson so that you are better prepared to fulfill your career objectives.

If you don't want to take our word for it, ask the 80% of our current managers who've been promoted from within!

Our employee and manager testimonials say it all.

Meet: Teresa Williams

Title: Consultant, Sales Support

Location and/or Program: I am based at the Corporate HQ in Cincinnati, Ohio. My primary responsibility is to support (in many different capacities) the Global CM Sales team under the leadership of the Sr. Vice President of Sales. This role provides me with the unique capability to interact with all levels of the organization including "C-level" Management (CEO, CFO, etc). As a result, I always have to be "at the ready" to support the leadership team in any capacity necessary. I really enjoy this role.

When did you join the Convergys team? I joined Convergys in April, 1992, as a part-time B2B call center agent. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would still be here nearly 21 years later!

What is your favorite thing about working for Convergys? Well, there are many but if I have to choose one, it would be the support that my management provided to me during this journey. I can honestly say that every manager I've reported to during my tenure always had my best interest at heart. They actually listened to me and genuinely attempted to help me achieve my personal development goals, performance goals, career goals, etc. I never received that level of support at previous employers (some of which are big name corporations).

The process must start with an internal assessment of what role/job the person thinks they will enjoy, learn from, gain good experience, etc. Then, it's a matter of communicating those career aspirations to his/her manager in the appropriate setting (1:1, performance reviews, etc.). However, it's important to note that the ultimate responsibility/ownership lies with the individual, not the manager. One must continue to perform well, be reliable, etc. Another path that I took was enrolling in various courses (on my own time -- not company sponsored) that I thought would make me more promotable, attain new skills, etc. That was also extremely advantageous to me long term.

What motivated you to pursue career development and how did you get there? My primary motivation was to do something totally different than my day-to-day responsibilities (again, not wanting to be complacent). I must admit that some were a huge leap of faith, because I really didn't have all of the skills necessary for the role, but I applied anyway. Of course, some didn't work out and others did. That's life…

What kind of support have you had along the way as your career has progressed at Convergys? That's what makes Convergys such a wonderful place to work. The support from my management, colleagues, mentors, and others has been invaluable. Words truly can't express my gratitude for the tremendous support I've received along the way.

Have you had a mentor or participated in mentoring? Yes, I've had several mentors and also mentees -- some official and others unofficial. I strongly encourage everyone to seek out a mentor, as the benefits are too many to name. However, I will say that having a mentor who is completely honest (provides difficult constructive criticism and positive encouragement) was one of the important keys to my success.

What would you like to say to a potential B2B applicant about the possibility of working in the B2B organization? The B2B organization has been the starting place for several successful leaders in this company. I mainly attribute that success to the B2B leadership team, infrastructure to set one up for success (not failure), and the culture. The leadership team is open and honest and not afraid to communicate the "good, bad, and ugly" to ensure everyone is aligned regarding objectives, SLA's, etc. I believe this drives the culture to "strive for excellence," as the B2B team doesn't look to achieve goals but rather to surpass them -- and they do so as a team. I also really liked the fact that we had fun which is so critically important these days.

I truly enjoyed my 14 year stint in the B2B organization. The experience and skills that I gained during that time (with a myriad of clients) have and will continue to serve me well for many years to come.

Meet: Samuel Montrose

Title: Operations Manager

Location and/or Program: Erlanger, KY

When did you join the Convergys team? July 15, 1997

How has your career developed and progressed with Convergys? I started as a customer service representative with before becoming a Supervisor in 1998. In 2004 I moved to another client program and was promoted to the Operations Manager in 2007.

What motivated you to pursue career development and how did you get there? I realized that I liked helping people. Before moving into the Team Lead role, I was Floor Assistant that helped other agents with questions they had about customer issues. While doing this I realized I enjoyed coaching and helping people feel more prepared and knowledgeable about the job they were doing. From there, I started learning every aspect of the program and company that I could so I could further develop my career. Even though I hadn't been with the company long, I constantly interviewed for Team Lead roles and took heart to the coaching I was given to improve my own performance so I could advance.

What kind of support have you had along the way as your career has progressed at Convergys? All of my previous managers have been instrumental in shaping my career in one way or another. I've learned that everyone you work with has something they can offer you, and I've never run into anyone who was unwilling to help me develop my skills.

Have you had a mentor or participated in mentoring? At this time, I have not officially participated in the Convergys mentoring program, but I help drive this initiative by striving to support my team leads and agents to develop both personally and professionally.

What would you like to say to a potential B2B applicant about the possibility of working in the B2B organization? To me, working with accounts in the B2B organization offers a personal sense of accomplishment. You can treat each business as it's your own, and your goal is to make sure that business is growing. B2B typically provides you with an opportunity to build relationships with your customers and help them with all of their challenges that come when working in the B2B field, these challenges ensure you are never bored and get you to think outside of the box for resolutions.

Just as we want you to learn about us to determine if we're a fit for you, during the recruitment process, we'll spend time learning about you to determine your fit with our opportunities and culture.

Here's what to expect during the process:

Convergys B2B Recruitment Process

We believe that hiring the right person for the right position is a critical factor to our success. That's why we've chosen a behavioral recruitment process for our B2B Sales, Service, and Support roles.


  1. Please fill out all areas of application as completely as possible.
  2. Multiple step application process -- can save at any point and navigate between completed sections.
  3. Will be asked position specific questions (those marked with red asterisk are required)
  4. For help with the application process, please contact us at
  5. Once you have submitted your completed application, we will be in contact regarding next steps.


Our assessments are used as tools to aid us in matching the right person to the right position, and to ensure your future success with Convergys. The assessment portion of our process helps gather data to make the interviewing and hiring process more efficient and meaningful for all involved.

Behavioral Questionnaire Assessment (Online)

As part of the application process, you will be required to participate in an online assessment questionnaire specific to the position you are applying for. By assessing behavioral compatibility with our successful job performance competencies (or indicators) for B2B Sales & Support roles at Convergys, the assessment provides us insight into your behavioral preferences and patterns.

Skills Assessment (Online)

Certain skills assessments and instructions will be emailed to you once your application is complete. The assessments help us evaluate your current skill levels, in a variety of software and technical aspects, compared to the specific requirements of the position you are applying for.


Convergys has selected a dual-part behavioral based interview process for B2B Sales & Support roles to get to know our candidates. Through our interview process, you have an opportunity to learn more about the culture of the organization and the responsibilities of the position, and the interview team has an opportunity to learn more about your background, skills, and experience. It's a win-win for everyone.

Comprehensive Position Preview

During various stages of the interview process, we provide the opportunity for you to learn about us, what you would do in the position, and what your career can become within our B2B Sales programs. We want to provide you with as much detail as possible in describing the position and responsibilities to ensure the role will be a fit for you.

Phone Interview

Our first chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us:

  • We provide a realistic description and clear preview of the available position to help you understand the responsibilities and requirements of the role.
  • We'll review your work experience to better understand your qualifications, ask you several behavior related questions and discuss basic information.
  • Please ask us any questions you may have! We will allow time for questions and give you the information you need to decide if the position is a match.

In-Person Interview

Scheduled in advance, in-person interviews will be conducted onsite at our local facility. Our interview teams typically include Sales Management team members or Operations Staff and Recruiting. In addition to behavioral questions, our interviewers will inquire greater detail about your experience, skills, and abilities. We'll review the job preview description again and allow you to ask questions to get an in-depth understanding of the position, our company, culture, and development opportunities.

Employment Offers

Once you have received an offer, our Recruiting team will work with you to complete any offer contingencies and the hiring process. Our on-boarding process for new hires is completely electronic and information will be sent to you each step of the way.

Note/Disclosure: Items listed in the hiring process may be completed out of order at times, please remain flexible with our recruiters.

Drivers for Success

During the recruitment process, we'll be looking to see how you relate to and connect with our core B2B competencies for driving success:

Creative Sales

How have you created sales presentations that exceeded the customer's needs?


Clear and succinct written and verbal communication skills are a necessity -- do you have them?

Business Advisor

Trust development with your customers is an art -- how have you been successful at this?

Self Sufficiency

Self motivation and initiative are key to one's success in our B2B Sales roles -- what is your work style like?

Drive for Results

Consistently demonstrating an ability to exceed goals, performance that positively impacts team results, and leading by example are attributes that our sales employees embrace -- can you do the same?

Problem Solving

Critical thinking skills and the ability to develop actionable business plans & customer strategies are necessary for success on our B2B programs -- do you have what it takes?

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